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Center for Behavioral Health has a convenient drug addiction treatment center on Cosgrove Avenue in North Charleston.

South Carolina Treatment Centers

  • North Charleston
    • Monday – Friday 5am – 12:30pm
    • Saturday 6am – 8am

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    North Charleston Services & Fees

    Methadone Treatment Fees:

    $30 for the first 30 days of treatment for new intakes

    $12 daily rate following the first 30 days or for re-admits

    $25 daily guest dosing fee


    Suboxone Treatment Programs:

    Prescription Program for Individuals With Insurance:

    $300 initial visit (includes: appointment with physician, nursing assessment, counselor assessment, urine screen, initial dose of medication, and 1 week of medication, also pregnancy test for females).

    $100 for 1 week follow up visit with the physician and will be provided with a prescription for the remainder of their medication

    $175 per month following to include visit with physician, urine screen and counseling.


    MAT program for those that do not have insurance or prefer to have medication filled in house:

    Fee includes entire intake and first dose of Suboxone. Please call for rates following admission.

    Female Suboxone Intakes (includes pregnancy test): $153.50

    Male Suboxone Intakes: $133.50


    Suboxone Group Counseling:

    Every Wednesday evening from 6-7pm, $25 per group


    Substance Abuse Assessments and Counseling Fees:

    Assessment fee: $75

    Drug screens: $25

    Counseling sessions: $50 per session

    Vivitrol is used for the treatment of alcohol and opioid dependence. (Please call for more information as it is covered by insurance and co-pays will vary.) Free screenings for drug or alcohol addiction with a comprehensive recommendation of treatment. Aftercare provided at no charge. Various lab testing available, please call or stop in for pricing.

    Probation and Parole Services Available
    CARF accredited for Outpatient Treatment: Opioid Treatment Program (Adult)